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The new moon teaches gradualness and deliberation and how one gives birth to oneself slowly. Patience with the small details makes perfect a large work, like the universe.
The Illuminated Rumi

Gwendolyn Sheveland LMP, CSI

Gwendolyn Sheveland LMP, CSI


South Hill Structural Integration


Phone: (206) 218 3365


Gwendolyn Sheveland is a Certified Structural Integrator and Licensed Massage Therapist is joining our ranks of capable, effecting and empowering practitioners.

Structural Integration is a type of manual therapy which aligns the human body in its gravitational field. It is a branch of the therapeutic system developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf.  Structural Integration allows for increased general well-being and physical adaptability and resilience as well as reducing biomechanically caused pain.

Structural Integration practitioners are trained in evaluating the musculoskeletal body and identifying areas of imbalance and misalignment. Through systematically treating the fascia throughout the body, the body shifts and holds to a more balanced and functional position. Re-education of  movement patterns and other modalities are also used to help achieve the goals of decreaded pain, improved posture and functional movement.